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  • At Stourbridge Music Centre West Midlands we have an in-store service department, specialising in Guitar/Bass setups, repairs, re-strings, pick-up installation (both Acoustic & Electric) and Amplifier repairs, as well as keyboards repairs.

    All of our servicing is priced dependent on the level of work that is required so in order to give an accurate price, once we have inspected the item in question, we offer you a FREE no obligation quote

    The below prices are all based on the assumption that there are no other related faults on the instrument.

    Any other work is quoted on an item by item basis.

    Please bring any instruments to the store for work to be carried out.

    Our opening hours are Monday - Saturday, 9:30- 5:30


    Every re-string includes

       Fitting of new strings (strings included in cost)

       Tuning and stretching in of strings

       Cleaning of Guitar


    Every set-up includes

        Fret-board conditioning

        Fitting of new strings (strings included in cost)

        Tuning and stretching in of strings

        Cleaning and polishing of Guitar

        Adjustment of Truss Rod (where necessary)

        Bridge height adjustment (where necessary) 

        Intonation checked and adjusted where possible

        String height (action) adjustment

    Pick-up Installation

    Every install is priced dependant on the guitar & pick-up requirements. Average prices are as follows:

        Electric/Bass Guitars - £15 per pick-up
        Acoustic Guitar - £40 including any drilling and saddle adjustment where required

    Keyboards Repairs
    All keyboard repairs need to be discussed and preferably seen before a qoute can be given

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