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When playing is fun, you want to keep practicing, the more you practice, the more you improve, and the more you improve, the more you want to play!

As much an educational learning tool as it is a musical instrument, the PSR-E273 combines Yamaha quality Voices and Styles with sophisticated practical learning functions that inspire beginner players to realize their potential and develop enthusiasm for learning and playing music. The various fun and educational features of the PSR-E273 ensure speedy progress, making the whole learning experience—even practicing—so much fun your children will never tire of playing, even on their own. It just makes sense.

Yamaha PSR e273

    • Keyboard - 61 Keys
    • Polyphony - 32
    • Sounds - 384 + 17 Drum kits
    • Styles - 143
    • Effects - Multiple variations of Reverb, Chorus, EQ, Ultra Stereo
    • Audio Player - N/A
    • Recording - 1 Song
    • Playback - 1 Song
    • Registrations - N/A
    • Foot controller - Optional
    • USB - N/A
    • MIDI - N/A
    • Amplification - 2.5w x2
    • Display - LCD
    • Included items - Power Supply, Music Rest, Instruction Guide



    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further specification details that I haven't mentioned above.

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