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The Yamaha Genos is a cutting-edge digital workstation that sets a new standard in sound quality, design, and user experience. Whether you’re in a recording studio or performing on stage, the Genos will inspire and elevate your musical creativity. Here are some key features:Breathtaking Sound: Powered by Yamaha’s proprietary technology, every voice on the Genos surpasses other digital workstations. From the exquisite CFX piano to lush Kino Strings and punchy Revo!Drums, the sound quality is unparalleled.Articulation Element Modeling (AEM): This technology simulates instrument characteristics, seamlessly blending samples during performance for a natural, expressive sound.Revo!Drum/SFX: Authentic drum sounds that vary subtly with each key press, creating a realistic and dynamic experience.Content: Genos offers 1,710 instrument sounds, 550 backing patterns, 216 arpeggios, and more—ready to inspire your music-making journey.Effects: Genos boasts powerful effects, including reverb, distortion, rotary speaker, and compressor, all with a stunning graphical interface.Vocal Harmony & Synth Vocoder: Apply vocal harmony effects while singing or craft unique voice characteristics onto synthesizers and other sounds.Expandability: Customize your Genos with additional content using Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM), opening up endless possibilities for new sounds and styles.In summary, the Yamaha Genos is a high-end keyboard that combines exceptional sound quality, versatile content, and an intuitive user interface, making it a top choice for musicians and performers alike

This particular Genos & Speaker Sytem are in amazing condition, with home use only. They come with all the original packaging and paper work. Our customer also purchased the Genos Tipsters material, which is included.


Please note, this instrument is for in store, face to face purchase only.

Yamaha Genos 1 & GNS-MS01 Speaker System (Pre-Owned)

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