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The VOX MINI GO 10 is a portable modeling guitar amplifier that covers all the bases from practice to live performance. Whether you’re at home, in concert venues, or out on the streets, this amp has you covered. Here are its key features:

  • 10 Watts: Provides enough power for practice and small gigs.
  • Realistic Amp Models: Based on those found in the VOX Cambridge50, including traditional VOX AC30, boutique, and high-gain amp models.
  • Effects: Revamped onboard effects, including chorus, phaser, octave, and delay/reverb types.
  • Rhythm Machine: 33 built-in rhythm patterns for added fun.
  • Looper: Allows you to create loops with over 40 seconds of record time.
  • Portable: Lightweight, compact, and can be powered by a mobile battery.
  • Vocoder: Unique talking modulation effect for expressive playing.
  • Input/Output Jacks: Mic input, AUX input, headphone jack, and more.
  • Selectable Power Amp Wattage: Adjust the output power as needed.
  • Tiltback Mechanism: Use it as a monitor while playing.


Whether you’re jamming solo or performing, the VOX MINI GO 10 delivers true VOX tone on the go! ðŸŽ¸ðŸ”Š

VOX Mini Go 10

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