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The Trace Elliot Series 715 bass amp is a powerful and versatile amplifier designed for bass players seeking professional-grade sound quality and reliability. With its robust 100-watt output, it delivers ample volume for rehearsals, gigs, and studio sessions. The amp features a sophisticated preamp section with EQ controls, allowing players to fine-tune their tone to perfection. Its innovative design incorporates Trace Elliot's signature Tube Emulation circuitry, providing the warmth and depth of a tube amplifier with the reliability of solid-state technology. The Series 715 also boasts a range of connectivity options, including an effects loop and a balanced XLR DI output for direct recording or connection to a PA system. Compact and portable, yet packing a punch in terms of sound and features, the Trace Elliot Series 715 is an ideal choice for discerning bassists seeking professional-grade performance.

Trace Elliot Series 6 715 Bass Amp (Pre-Owned)

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