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The Squier Affinity HSS is a versatile electric guitar that blends affordability with quality. Produced by Fender, Squier's HSS (Humbucker-Single Coil-Single Coil) configuration provides a broad spectrum of tones, making it suitable for various music genres. The guitar features a comfortable, sleek design with a contoured body, making it user-friendly for players of all levels. The humbucker pickup at the bridge delivers powerful, high-gain sounds, while the single-coil pickups provide clear and bright tones. The Squier Affinity HSS is an excellent choice for beginners and budget-conscious players seeking a reliable instrument with Fender's reputable craftsmanship. This Guitar is in mint conidition, in it's fabulous Charcoal Frost metallic finish.

Squier Affinity Stratocaster HSS Charcoal Frost (Pre-Owned)

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