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SESSION4 is a compact portable array system in an active 2.1 configuration, including two tops and one subwoofer. Designed for solo performers, small live groups, mobile DJ setups or for music and voice playback in corporate and even home applications, the SESSION4 combines flexibility, portability and performance with a professional design and a sturdy plywood construction.

Each top includes four 2.75” neodymium drivers in vertical array configuration, featuring a logarithmic arrangement and a progressive down tilt, for increasing the vertical coverage and providing an accurate sound in any part of the listening area. The sub features two 6.5” woofers in band-pass configuration, able to provide very ‘punchy’ and dynamic basses, together with an extended low frequency response.

The system is powered by a 3-channel 1200W Class D amplifier and it’s controlled by the powerful PROEL CORE LT DSP, able to deliver an outstanding sound definition. The signal processing includes a sophisticated Dynamic EQ and 4 EQ PRESETS (MUSIC, LIVE, DJ, SPEECH) to adapt the speakers to any kind of application. The intuitive control interface features a single knob and a large LCD display, for controlling not only the DSP parameters but also the two MIC/LINE selectable inputs, the system’s configuration and the built-in BLUETOOTH audio interface.

The SESSION4 key features are extreme flexibility and portability, which make it one of the most advanced mobile column systems available. Thanks to a fast linking system with integrated connections, the two tops can be combined together, forming a longer 8-driver column and allowing the system to be used not only in STEREO mode, but also in MONO or DOUBLE mode. Two dedicated compartments in the sub’s cabinet allow the tops to be stored and transported in the unit itself, reducing the space requirement for a better mobility in line with the needs of today’s musicians.

Proel Session 4 Mini Line Array Powered Speaker (Pre-Owned)

  • TOP

    • Four 2.75” neodymium full-range speakers in Vertical Array configuration
    • Logarithmic arrangement of the speakers with progressive tilt for an increased vertical coverage
    • Fast-coupling of the two tops with integrated power signal link
    • SPEAKON connector
    • 35mm standard pole socket
    • Plywood cabinet with black ultra-durable polyurethane paint
    • Reinforced metal grille with dust protection


    • Two high-excursion 6.5” woofers in BAND PASS configuration 
    • Plywood cabinet with black ultra-durable polyurethane paint
    • Two built-in spaces for hosting the tops, for an easy transport
    • Two ergonomic handles
    • M20 pole socket


    • 3-channel Class D SMPS power amplifier
    • 1200W total peak power
    • Two MIC/LINE (XLR-F) inputs + two LINKS (XLR-M)
    • Two SPEAKON output connectors for the TOP
    • Control & connection panel on the cabinet’s top for an easy access
    • High-definition CORE LT DSP with A/D and D/A 24 bit converters and Dynamic EQ
    • User-friendly control interface with single knob and large LCD
    • 4 DSP presets (MUSIC, LIVE, DJ, SPEECH)
    • 3 selectable system’s configurations: STEREO, MONO and DOUBLE
    • Bluetooth stereo interface
    • SPL MAX (system): 122 dB peak
    • Frequency response: 45 Hz - 18 kHz
    • Included accessories: two-pieces 35mm sub-top pole M20 thread, 4-wire SPEAKON cable (2mt), carrying bag for the two tops
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