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The Positive Grid Spark 40 is a groundbreaking guitar amplifier that seamlessly integrates innovative technology with exceptional sound quality. This 40-watt combo amp offers a plethora of realistic amp models, effects, and an intuitive mobile app for effortless control and customization. Its Smart Jam and Auto Chord features empower musicians with dynamic backing tracks and chord progressions, enhancing practice sessions and inspiring creativity. The Spark 40's versatility extends to its USB connectivity, enabling direct recording and integration with recording software. With Bluetooth capabilities, users can stream music and play along seamlessly. Compact and lightweight, the Spark 40 is a game-changer for guitarists, delivering an immersive playing experience that combines convenience, versatility, and high-fidelity sound in an affordable package.

Positive Grid - Spark 40 - Smart Guitar Amp

    • Wattage - 40w (2x 20w Stereo)
    • Type - Solid State
    • Effects - Onboard Effects: 33 Amp Models, 43 Effects
    • Inputs - Guitar, Aux & Bluetooth Wireless
    • Headphone Socket - Yes
    • Speaker - 2 x 4" Custom Designed Speakers
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