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This Novation K Station is in great working order and physical condition. Unfortunately there is a slight scratch on the surface of the screen, but nothing that's too visable when on or effects it's functionalilty. Here's a short overview...

The Novation K Station is a powerful synthesizer renowned for its versatility and intuitive interface. Released in the early 2000s, it quickly gained popularity among electronic musicians and producers for its rich sound capabilities and extensive modulation options. Featuring a 3-octave keyboard with aftertouch sensitivity, it allows for expressive playing and precise control over parameters. With 400 onboard patches and the ability to store custom sounds, it offers ample creative potential for shaping unique tones. The K Station's digital oscillators produce a wide range of classic and modern sounds, while its comprehensive modulation matrix enables complex sound design. Additionally, its built-in arpeggiator and effects enhance performance possibilities. Compact and sturdy, the Novation K Station remains a favored choice for both studio and live settings, continuing to inspire musicians with its blend of simplicity and sonic depth.

Novation K Station (Pre-Owned)

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