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This Novation Bass Station is in great working order and physical condition. It also has it's original PSU. Here's a short overview...

The Novation Bass Station is a renowned analog synthesizer coveted for its deep bass capabilities and versatile sound-shaping features. First introduced in the 1990s and later revamped with the Bass Station II, it remains a staple in electronic music production. Boasting two oscillators, a sub-oscillator, and a noise generator, it delivers rich, fat bass tones ideal for a wide range of genres from techno to dubstep. Its intuitive interface includes dedicated knobs and sliders for hands-on control, facilitating seamless sound manipulation. With a classic filter design inspired by the iconic Roland TB-303, it delivers distinctive acid basslines while offering modern enhancements for contemporary music production. Whether you're a beginner exploring synthesis or a seasoned professional seeking analog warmth, the Novation Bass Station continues to inspire and shape the sonic landscapes of electronic music.

Novation Bass Station (Pre-Owned)

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