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Here is a very rare opportunity to purchase a beautiful Masaru Kono (later spelt Kohno) Classical Guitar in very good condition, made probably exclusively by the man himself, and completed on the 25th of September 1963.


As far as I can tell, both the Guitar and Case are completely original, and in great shape for 60 years of age. The only points stopping me from describing the Guitar as excellent are a fine opening in the fretboard near the sound hole, a slightly bent "D" machine head, a small scuff at the very base of the headstock on the back, and a small dink in the back of the neck, roughly behind the 5th fret. Nothing that causes an issue to the playability of the Guitar though.


From the information I have found out, I would say that the Guitar has a Solid Spruce Top, with solid Indian Rosewood Back & Sides. The neck is Mahogany and the fingerboard Ebony. The headstock and heal both have Rosewood caps, on top of Mahogany.


I have just restrung it with Augustine Low Tension Strings, and it sounds simply outstanding.


Due to the fragility and value of this instrument, I'm afraid I don't wish to ship it, and only wish to sell it face to face, where the potential buyer can spend time both looking over and playing it, before making up their mind.


For anybody wishing to find out more about the maker, Masaru Kono, I thoroughly recommend a look at this website, for a fascinating insight to these incredible Guitars.


Masaru Kono (Kohno) 9-25-1963 Golden Era Japanese Classical

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