The Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 Head provides all the extra gain you'll ever need. Features Classic Gain and Ultra Gain channels, both with 2 modes that can take you from warm, clean valve tones to the souped-up threshold of sonic danger. A Deep switch adds a resonant bass boost for a meatier bottom end, and a Tone Shift scoops out the mid frequencies making it ideal for heavy metal tones. Reverb controls for each channel let you adjust the verb where you need it. Rear panel features include the usual speaker outputs, effects loop, and 2 footswitch jacks for changing channels and switching reverb in and out (footswitch not included). The Marshall JCM2000 Head delivers 50W of power and includes 4 ECC83 preamp valves and 2 EL34 power amp valves.

Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 - (Pre-Owned)


    • Wattage - 50w 
    • Type - All Valve
    • Channels - 2
    • Effects - Reverb
    • Inputs - Guitar
    • Headphone Socket - N/A
    • Speaker - N/A




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