The Marshall Class 5 Guitar Combo Amplifier delivers the smooth and creamy warmth we’ve come to expect from Marshall, in a cool and sophisticated package. The compact character of this combo makes it perfect for those who need a discreet amplifier to fit in the home, or to take on tour, without compromising on sound quality or tonal versatility. 

The Class 5 is equipped with a pair of ECC83 double-triode preamp valves to deliver sweetly overdriven warmth to the signal at the preamp stage. In the power amp stage there is a single EL84 valve to guarantee that signal integrity is maintained, from low volume levels through to high volume levels. The valves allow tonnes of boost to be thrown into the mix from smooth bluesy rhythm chops, through to searing lead tones.

Marshall Class 5 - (Pre-Owned)


    • Wattage - 5w 
    • Type - All Valve Combo
    • Channels - 1
    • Effects - N/A
    • Inputs - Guitar
    • Headphone Socket - N/A
    • Speaker - 10"




    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further specification details that I haven't mentioned above.

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