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The Korg Triton Studio is a renowned music workstation that has left an indelible mark on the music production landscape. Released in the early 2000s, it combines powerful synthesis, sampling, and sequencing capabilities, making it a versatile tool for musicians and producers. With its intuitive interface and a vast array of high-quality sounds, including realistic emulations of instruments, the Triton Studio became a staple in studios worldwide. Its 16-track sequencer, extensive effects, and touch-sensitive screen enhance the user experience. The Triton Studio's impact extends beyond its era, as it continues to be celebrated for its influential role in shaping the sound of contemporary music across genres.

The Studio was one of the last incarnations of the Triton, and hence is the most powerful version. This Triton is absolutely mint, and was only ever used in a home studio. It also comes with it's original owners manual. A real bargain of a powerhouse workstation!

Korg Triton Studio 61 (Pre-Owned)

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