What is Vivo by Dexibell

The new "VIVO" digital Piano line-up from DEXIBELL use a completely new technology called T2L (True to Life), sampling and modelling methods. With very seductive aesthetics thanks to the Italian Design.

Technically there are many components such as sympathetic resonances, harmonics, staccato sounds, timbre variances, real Sustain Pedal simulation etc. that build-up the total sound using 320 Oscillators with unlimited polyphony.

The quality standard has been raised-up to 24 bit - 48KHz with an average of 5 times longer sample recordings (15 seconds on lower piano notes), obtaining a dynamic range 256 times higher if compared with today’s available digital musical instruments.

Sounds are recorded with a holophonic method for an amazing 3D listening experience.

You can enjoy the best Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Vintage Electric Pianos and many more sound categories with the best quality and playability ever heard. Reverb, Master EQ, and 6 independent DSP effects create a massive performance tool for home or stage.

The internal Sound System (in amplified models) gives an unbelievable perception of sound, using a passive subwoofer (on select models) and far & near field speakers with reflective technology.

A digitally controlled amplifier (in amplified models), using a multi band compressor, variable psychoacoustic equalizer and digital bass enhancer reproduces the real level of a Grand Piano reaching over 113 dB of SPL (on H-7 model).

Bluetooth audio streaming is available to jam along with your favourite songs or just to use “VIVO” piano as an amazing wireless audio system. All Piano models are equipped with an Organic Led graphic display for the best possible contrast and visibility-angle under any light condition.

The line-up consists of Home, Portable and Stage models with either 88 or 73 keys on Portable and Stage.

Sound quality is identical on all models. Prices are from £1129 for the P3 (73 note) portable £2299 for the high gloss version of the Home H7 which is very competitive indeed!

Please get in-touch for further information from our Dexibell specialist.